Switch to a true community bank...switch to Cornerstone Community Bank.

Banking in your community is good for your soul — and your wallet! Because we're locally-owned, we're able to treat you like a person, not a number, and help you find the best solutions to increase your financial wellness.

It's easy to switch. Either download the applicable form below to fill out ahead of time, or just bring your information into one of our banks and we'll guide you through the process.

What You'll Need

How to Make the Switch

  1. Complete the appropriate Fill Sheets. (Don't want to fill them out? That's ok, just bring us the information and we'll do it!)
  2. Bring this package along with your picture identification and your initial deposit to Cornerstone Community Bank.
  3. A Cornerstone Community Bank Customer Service Representative will take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with my old checks?

Bring them along — we’ll replace them for you! Or, if you prefer you may destroy them and we’ll provide your first order of checks free. Certain limitations apply.

Is it going to be a hassle to switch my direct deposits and automatic payments?

No, we’ll assist you with every step in making the change.

What do I tell my old bank?

I want to support a local community bank.